You Can Help Us Make a Difference

Our initial event was founded in February 2008 as the “Fat Tuesday Fundraiser” and we did a lot of amazing projects with the funds raised, so our Rotary club continued with the tradition from 2008-2013 to host this even on the evening of Fat Tuesday. However, in 2014, we decided to shift the branding and timing of the event to be on the Friday night before Fat Tuesday or the week of Fat Tuesday, hence the appropriately named, Mardi Gras Kickoff Fundraiser, to help kickoff and continue the festivites!

Our goals and aspirations remain the same. Raise funds to support many organizations close to our Rotary club. This is our Cary MacGregor Rotary Club Foundation’s largest and primary fundraiser each year and we get right to work immediately following the event to allocate funds, volunteer time and sweat equity to get a lot accomplished.

Our 2018/2019 Beneficiaries Include

Life Experiences logo

For over 30 years, Life Experiences has provided a place for adults with disabilities who strive to become independent and productive citizens, working for pay. We believe that our approach of enhancing self-esteem through regular work and wager earning is one of the best in the area. The variety of work programs at Life Experiences allows us to match the needs of the individual employee with a job that they can master. In addition, we sponsor regular socialization opportunities such as parties, dances and activities.

Today we serve adults with special needs in our five business areas:

  • In the bakery, cookies, bread and other goodies are made from scratch by our employees.
  • Our commercial laundry provides services to area businesses.
  • We sub-contract services such as collating and packaging for local businesses, including rolling silverware for the airlines, packaging dog biscuits, and assembling rib kits.
  • We provide confidential shredding services for individuals and companies.
  • We package buckwheat hulls and seeds for pillows and craft projects. They are sold online and shipped all over the country.

For more information, visit www.LifeExperiences.com.